• Website Design

Website designing is part of the view of your website, Design is view part of website that how it will look to your viewers and users of website. Its about building an UI (User Interface) which is display of your website. User Interface is the part where the code is build to make communicate between user and machine. If you build better design which should be easy to understand and should also look attractive. Website Designers should gather all information before starting websites designing.

  • How To Make/Choose Good Design

Website design have 3 main parts, Head Body And Footer, When Designer have all information, then it should make this three main parts of website, In header section it will have logo and menus of website which will be always show on all pages of websites, because this will be easy way to navigate website for the users and visitors of website. Logo should be attractive and related to website name or industry. So people will get easy to remember it.

  • Tools to Build Website Design

There are many tools which are easy to help you to build website design, Always use stable updated tools to get new functions to build websites, Outdated tools may be lead to create outdated functions.
Website basic tools which should be used to select color, create/edit photos etc. some of their names are listed below:

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Macromedia Dreamviewer
  • Required Skills

For Learning Website Designing skills or making design of website there are many online and offline courses available in market. Html websites are able to make just website design but for making it functional and with design you should able to learn website design with dynamic functions you should also learn extra web development skills such as CSS, PHP, Mysql, Javascript, JAVA, Python, WordPress etc.

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