Web Hosting Service is very important part of website, It provides space to website files store in server. There are plans divided for web hosting, Like Basic Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, Media Files Web Hosting.

  • Basic Web Hosting
    Its been used for website which having less then 5000 users monthly and newly created website, Also it does not have more use of incoming mails. This kind of web hosting may also have 99% uptime and 1% downtime. It also allow users to create mysql database etc. on it, It does have about very limited space and bandwidth and Limited Domain Hosted. Its a shared hosting given to many clients on single server.
  • Premium Web Hosting
    Its been used for website which are having more website traffic and users. Its space may be vary on plan selected and it can host many websites and also unlimited emails which also depends on plan. There may be separate user admin

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