Google Started Updated Core update on On 3rd December 2020, Its impact was felt till many days, around 17th Dec again it was seen Tremors of it. Many people said that it was because of the latest core update but Google did not confirm it again.

This core update was very much big, Most webmasters lost more then 50% traffic and some had also confirmed 200% in gain. As Google always do small and bing updates regularly.

Everytime after this kind of updates it seems that many websites have positive and negative impact. Google told that they designed algorithm to ensure that overall delivering their mission on presenting relevant content into the search results.

This Core algorithm update was very huge, Most of experts says that in October-November 2020 Search quality was seen best till the date. But after that Google brings December core update which reviews were mixed up.

Hope you would like to share your review with us on this Dec 2020 update.

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